Wet Socks and Ice Blocks

Living without petroleum products for a day was tiring, to say the least! The camera crew came to our house at exactly 9:30 am as promised. They set up a few shots ahead of time, filmed us having breakfast in our normal fashion, and took […]

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Just Another Hour…

The phone jangled me awake this morning. I decided to sleep in after a massive headache told me I’d better. The good news is my headache was gone by the time my friend called an hour later. She was calling to tell me she had read about a […]

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Soap Opera Slowness

I admit I used to watch Young and the Restless religiously. It was the only soap I followed and, with some irony, I was invited to an awards’ ceremony in Las Vegas last year. The host was Melody Thomas Scott, the actor who has played […]

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Unslow days viewed slowly

I had anything but a slow day. The difference this time was I noticed as my day unfolded how unslow it felt. Instead of immediately getting wrapped up in the frenzy, I took things as they came, and made room for a twenty-minute power walk […]

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Stewardship, not destruction

A few weeks ago I sat down for a phone chat with Montreal-based Karen Coshof, a smart, forward-thinking film producer who made a 2006 documentary called The Great Warming. It is not only a direct look at what we are doing to the planet, but […]

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Notes from the Universe

If you don’t get TUT…A Note from the Universe, I’ll share mine with you here. Today’s is particularly appropriate for the power of slow. It’s all about perspective. One of my favorite things about time and space, Christine, is that absolutely NOTHING can ever happen […]

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Stimulus Addict

Obama’s stimulus package proposal has gotten a lot of play in the news of late. But what hasn’t been addressed is how addicted we are to our own stimuli. I’m not talking about billion-dollar injections to get your engine running. I’m talking about all the digital […]

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Slow going

If you have ever tried something new, you know how slow going it can be. That is perhaps one reason why we procrastinate. Vacuuming the home office floor is ultimately more appealing than facing our inner demons. That’s when you create a plan in your […]

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Safe Text

One aspect of slow living is understanding you do not need to do two things or be two places at once. With this in mind, Shane Neman, CEO of EZ Texting offers these 5 tips on the dangers of text messaging (meant for parents and kids, […]

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