Time Bandits

Yesterday I managed thirteen extras during a film shoot on a moving train going 100 miles an hour. It wasn’t exactly a slow experience, except that making a movie, even if it’s only five minutes long, takes more time than you think. They shot the scene […]

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Awaken the senses

The other day I was at my friend’s office when the book Vom natürlichen Umgang mit der Zeit by Friederun Pleterski and Renate Habinger caught my eye. The title translates as “How to Have a Natural Relationship with Time”. Astonished that someone else thought the way I do about time, […]

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Slow messages come fast

Embracing time as friend is a heart-centered process. We have to develop a distinct listening to our inner selves, the voice of which resides deep within. Taking on the power of slow is not necessarily about slowing down to a turtle’s pace, but about finding […]

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Wednesday Wisdom – Make, Don’t Find, Time

Lori Chance, single mom, author and entrepreneur, describes how she makes time by saying the single most powerful word in any language. NO! Listen here for Lori’s notions of making, not finding, time. [Listening instructions: Click on the link, then click on it again for it […]

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Good-bye, Walter

Change is all there is. And change is certainly in the air now. It seems in the last four weeks we have lost so many icons of our childhood. I don’t know about you, but the passing of these people has put my life into perspective. We are […]

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What are we doing with our time?

The American Time Use Survey, released every year in June by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, reveals not much as changed since last year in how we spend our time. According to their 2008 report, one-half of our daily leisure time (2.77 hours) is spent […]

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Gratitude Galore

I hit a bump in the road yesterday. It seemed life was sliding down a staircase, and all I could feel was rug-burn. Misunderstandings and miscommunication piled up; an explosion ensued. I reeled from it, realizing my part in feeding the fire only in hindsight. […]

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