Slow Travel in Style

Barcelona is rapidly becoming one of my favorite cities on the planet, thereby bumping Chicago down a notch. The pace of life matches your heartbeat as you stroll along the cobblestone streets. It is clean, friendly, and most importantly¬†for a Virginia gal like me, warm. […]

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Slow en Espagnol

In a few hours we’re boarding a plane to Barcelona. The late-summer sun has kissed our skin good-bye as we enter the warmer climes of the Spanish coastline. My sister and brother-in-law are making happy suitcase zippering noises, a reminder of adventure and good food […]

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Hubby Redemption

My way or the highway won’t for a good marriage make. So when I find myself engaging in willfulness with my husband about this thing or that, I am humbly slapped down by universal forces that show me why Nature created diversity. And husbands who […]

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Thank You, Silence

Alanis Morissette, my lovely female vocalist companion who sings for the millions of women out there without a voice (like hers), once thanked India, Providence, and dis-il-lu-sion-me-hent. Loving her extended vowels like I do, I am grateful to her swanky singer-songwriter soul and for the […]

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Digital Drama

The veiled powers of slow were at work once again today. Actually, it started yesterday when I decided to spend the morning with a friend. Her husband had just moved to China for a six-month assignment. I thought I’d cheer her up and invite her […]

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Back to Nature – for Kids

Go outside! I shout that at least once a day. What is a pariah to my kids, is the saving grace to my mental health and, as it turns out, theirs, too. The Ad Council and the U.S. Forest Service have created a campaign to […]

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Trumping Hard Times with Laughter

While talking with my sister on the phone yesterday, she made me laugh for a full 90 seconds. She was conveying something rather serious and power-of-slow-related about how annoyed she gets when people show up late to lunch dates. “Your coming¬†late by twenty minutes might […]

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Multitasking Madness

Just because you’re educated, doesn’t mean you’re smart. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the higher your education level, the higher the risk associated with cell phone use and text messaging while driving. In fact, in Matt Richtel’s New York Times article “Driver […]

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