Going slow at the New York Public Library

Last night’s event at the mid-Manhattan branch of the New York Public Library was an incredibly humbling experience. People from China, the Ukraine, France, Puerto Rico, Latin America and North America assembled to talk about time abundance. Since several audience members had heard my speech […]

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The American Dream Come True

Pig-tailed and wide-eyed, I see my 11-year-old self sitting under that oak tree in my mother’s front yard. I am holding a clipboard whose metal clamp is adorned with a puffy sticker and goggley eyes. I am writing my very first story about a girl on the prairie who […]

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Sunshine Days

The weather has been unexpectedly spectacular since I have been in the States. New York hit 70F on last Thursday. It stayed warm even when it rained the following day. Boston’s weather has been the same. Today the sun warmed our faces as we smiled […]

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Rocking the House in Slow Style

Last night’s kick-off event at the National Arts Club of New York was incredible! I was humbled by people’s yearning to reset their personal metronome to the beat that works for them. Stress-induced speed kills creativity, imagination and our circadian rhythm. That is not to […]

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Slow Thought of the Day

It occurred to me that while fast might be sexy for some, it’s  just not sustainable over time. Digging through data in the Animal Kingdom, I got curious about life expectancy and the like. Did you know that the average life expectancy of a domesticated […]

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Information Overload or Filter Failure

At a recent Web 2.0 conference in New York, Clay Shirky makes an interesting case about how we have lived in a world of information overload since the Gutenburg printing press. He argues it is not about the surplus of information, which we have always […]

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Email’s Demise

Oh goody. Email is going the way of the IBM typewriter. It has long been overdue. After all, aren’t you just so yesterday in the world of gotta-have-it-now? I mean you’ve been around for over two decades. Email, it’s time for you to go. Jessica Vascellaro of […]

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Columbus, Faith and the Land of Slow

First off, let us take a moment to say thank you to the plucky Spaniard who set sail to discover the Orient, only to find America. Christopher Columbus, we express our deepest gratitude to your noblest cause and appreciate the error of your compass. You […]

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