Why Connection Impacts Well-Being

According to Gallup’s Well-Being Index, three million Americans have less access to basic necessities than they did in the first three months of 2008, the same year data collection for the index began. In most areas such as Life Evaluation, Emotional Health, Physical Health and […]

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Does slow scare you?

When you think of slowing down, do you get frightened? Do you think you’ll be considered a loser, lazy or worse, just plain incapable? The truth is slow is faster and fast is simply exhausting. Embracing the power of slow is about making the choice […]

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Clutter be gone

Sometimes I just get the urge to purge. That dresser drawer that won’t close because it’s stuffed to the gills, but you find yourself tolerating it way too long? The countertop filled with little papers? That basket of folded laundry that never quite made it […]

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What the apple tree taught me

The garden is a mythological place. It’s the main stage for the beginning of humanity ~ in Biblical terms, that is. It is the showcase of Nature’s riches. And it is the place from which I have learned more about life than just about anywhere […]

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Living a Day of ‘Yes’

On those occasions when I’ve been a tad too harsh with myself (or with the kids, for that matter), I institute a day of YES. It’s simple. I say ‘yes’ to those certain things I normally say ‘no’ to. Such as Nutella for lunch. Say […]

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On Savoring

According to research in the area of positive psychology, savoring can literally expand our sense of time. It is the scooping up of life moments that gives us meaning. If you’ve ever watched a show such as American Idol, the winners will tell you it […]

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When Synchronicity Calls

This morning I was listening to a fabulous interview with Marilyn Nyborg for Women on the Edge of Evolution‘s weekly audio series. She was talking about how women were not present during the signing of the Declaration of Independence or during the drafting of the […]

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