Why Being a Drip’s a Good Thing

Image via Wikipedia The power of slow is just as much about energy management as it is about your personal relationship with time. The more energy you conserve the more you have for other things. The same thing goes for your time. One simple power […]

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21 Ways to Pray ~ Beliefnet.com

Meditation is a great way to connect with Source. Prayer is one common form of meditation. BeliefNet.com offers some great ways to do just that. The great news? Prayer is free. The results? Priceless! 21 Ways to Pray – 21 Ways to Pray- Beliefnet.com

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Slow Motion Monday

Last week was tremendous. Picking up the pace a bit, I travelled with book author, Deborah King (Truth Heals), acting as translator of both words and meaning. It was an extraordinary experience into the depths of the human soul (she does energy work). Despite the […]

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You’re grounded!

Being grounded, not in the teenage-uh-oh-mom-caught-me-doing-something sense of the word, but standing in the delicious centeredness of the here and now, is an enviable place to be. My husband is the most centered person I know. Little sways his oak tree solidness to the left […]

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The Crush of the Rush

Blame it on the late-night viewing of the World Cup, the early mornings as the kids go off to school or the somewhat overwhelming tendency of life happening all at once, but I’ve gotta say one thing. I’m pooped! Yes, even your slow-loving pal gets […]

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The Focus Test

When do you focus best? Take this poll and let me know! It will be the basis of a new podcast series starting in July called Focus Fridays. Have a success story to share about how you eliminated distraction for your life? Leave a comment […]

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In the Balance ~ When Work Takes Over Life

Image via Wikipedia “China?” My friend’s face dropped a notch. His company was sending him on a six-month stint to the coldest part of China starting September. He knew his career depended on it. His wife seemed philosophical. “I’ve always wanted to visit The Great […]

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