The Meditative Spirit of Raking Leaves

“Send them outside!” my grandmother used to say when we’d get too rambunctous for her inside the house. We’d roll in the grass, sweep the stone terrace and weed the pachysandra. At the time I didn’t appreciate being sent outside when the air conditioned house […]

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The Power of Connection

Scientists have long agreed that people in community tend to live longer. In the Middle Ages the greatest punishment was to be rejected by the community, banished for eternity outside the city walls. The word excommunication really does mean just that: no longer in communication […]

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What’s in a name?

A recent discussion with friends at breakfast got me to thinking. Why do we use nicknames? One of the couples said they are calling their baby daughter by her name only. They don’t believe in pet names for whatever reason. I, on the other hand, […]

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Take time to say thanks

The pencil writing was barely legible so I leaned closer to get a better look. The hand-writing revealed youth, vigor, vim and a gratitude that moved me. It was a thank-you note, scribbled on a Post-It note twenty-four years ago. It was a demonstration of […]

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Everyone can have abundance

“Everything changed the day she found out there was exactly enough time for the important things in her life.” The New Haven Register wrote a lovely column about The Power of Slow today, ending with the quote above from an unnamed source. The writer points […]

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Managing the Older Worker

In the last century we’ve increased our longevity by thirty years. In 1900 folks lived an average of 47 years; by the year 2000 that number had jumped to 78. Although I am far from retirement age, I follow the conversation of the changing retirement […]

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