Black Friday Gift Suggestions

Have you lifted the turkey fog enough to put the keys in the ignition to head to the mall for your annual post-Thanksgiving trek to your local consumer mecca? Either way I have a few slow gift ideas you might appreciate. As I have mentioned […]

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Nature at its hand-made pace

With weather like this, all I want to do is graze. It’s hard to motivate yourself when the daylight hours span 9:30 am to about 3:15 pm. I’m not kidding. It’s getting dark by tea time in Germany now.   The lack of sunlight elicits […]

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Staying True

Whenever the world is too much with me, I close my eyes and listen. Most often the still, soft voice within whispers its powerful mantra. Remember what you’re here for. And then just as quickly, the voice fades into the mists of my mind and […]

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