Happy New Year!

Are you ready to embrace 2011 for all it’s worth? As my gift to you, I offer you a 10-week wisdom course on learning how to embrace the power of slow. You will receive 10 one-minute audio messages to remind you how others have found […]

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Slow Dancing

Image via Wikipedia The term ‘slow dance’ brings me back to that crepe papered gym under the glitter disco ball in the seventh grade. You knew it was coming as you scoped the room for the boy you hoped would choose you for that slow […]

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The Slow Power of ‘No’

You know you’re in trouble when your boss’ Monday morning question starts with “Can you do me a favor?” How on earth can you say ‘no’ to that? Actually, you can. In the greatest power of slow style, best-selling author of Start with No Jim […]

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One sock at a time

Yesterday I had the unique opportunity to do an impromptu coaching session with a young economics student who had a hard time keeping on top of his laundry. We were on set at a soap opera; he played an orderly, I a doctor. While waiting […]

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