The Turmoil of Soil and Oil

Browsing the thickly laden shelves of a Northampton bookstore, I sucked in the aroma of freshly printed works by people who could be my friends. My pal Lara had shared one of her favorites with me the day before at her Lincoln, MA home. It […]

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My Camera Took a God Trip

Life is not a plan. It’s a journey. This is something my mom knows well. So it was fitting that, as we journeyed NYC-bound on the Acela Express, we would soon learn not only people can travel, but things can, too. You see my mom […]

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Celebrating Time

No other time of the year is quite as remarkable as your birthday. It’s the anniversary of your coming into full being on the planet. If that’s not reason to celebrate! The best part is when others are joyful and congratulate you for another year […]

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Knowing the Questions to Ask and When

A visit to the mobile phone store taught me a lesson or two about what happens when you don’t know the questions to ask. After purchasing an iPhone, I was told I couldn’t change my two-year contract for another month in order to add the […]

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The Heartache of Instant

It was bound to happen. As you know, I’m a recovering speedaholic and there are days when I fall off the wagon and do something too quickly. In our 24/7 world, we often feel the crush of the rush. It’s as if a little black […]

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