The End to Inbox Insanity

Now that I have multiple ways to access my inbox (iPhone, laptop, desktop) but only one way to permanently delete them (desktop), I have been in search of an Email Charter that will help me save my time…or should I say my life? One such […]

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Gimme Five…in the Green

Life getting to you? Take a walk. It could literally save your life. I’ve said this before, but now I have even more scientific proof that a few minutes outside can change your perspective. According to a study reported on, just five minutes outside […]

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How Many Work Hours are Enough?

Fortune 500 magazine recently reported on research conducted by Harvard Business School, the London School of Economics and others on how much time CEOs spend at work. Entitled CEO Time Use Project, this study is headed by Raffaella Sadun, an Italian academic at Harvard who […]

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An Ode to Monday

Dear Monday, I love you. I really do. And while many people treat you like the red-headed stepchild, I must say this: You have a monopoly on new starts. Hands down. Who wouldn’t love the freshness of you? Your uprightness? Your stiff upper lip-ness? Somebody’s […]

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The Thunder Clap of Thursday

What is your favorite day of the week? Is it Monday as you start anew? Sunday, the day of rest? Or do you, like me, adore Thursdays, that is, Thor’s day, the most thunderous day of the week? Thursday is a delicious time of almost-there-to-weekend […]

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The Politics of Food

My mama said “Whatever you do, don’t discuss politics or religion at the dinner table. It’s not good manners. Nor is it good for your digestion.” I took her advice to heart. But these days, it’s hard not to think about the politics of the […]

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Work: The Long and the Hard of It

Seth Godin makes a great point (when does he not?) when he draws a distinction between long and hard work. Long work contains the number of hours one puts in at the office, such as the lawyer that bills a fourteen-hour day. Hard work is […]

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