Flying in the No iPhone Zone

My iPhone doesn’t work in the United States. Or, more succinctly, the roaming charges would cost more than a flight at high season. So, along with my desktop, my automobile, and my TV work, I have laid my iPhone to rest for the next five […]

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Slowing Down in Singapore

The sultry slow days of summer have caught up with Singapore. Relying on anecdotal evidence alone, I am told that some companies are shutting down for an entire week due to the record temps. As I gaze out the window at the summer that hasn’t […]

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Face Time an Issue in Korea

Of all the OECD countries, Korea has by far the longest working hours of any other nation. Logging an average of 2256 hours in 2008, Korea also has the third highest suicide rate behind Hungary and Japan. In a recent Financial Times article (German edition), […]

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Mindful Eating Leads to Weight Loss

Meditation is typically something you think of as a strategy for quieting the mind. But apparently, it can quiet your appetite, too. According to recent research reported by the Harvard Health Letter, mindful eating can lead to weight loss and an increase in food enjoyment. […]

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Weighty PhDs Tip the Balance

Ignorance is bliss. Knowledge is power. Does being powerful make you well? Not always. According to a new global survey whose US-based findings were released by GfK Custom Research North America, U.S. employees with PhDs were both most engaged (38 percent highly engaged) with the […]

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The Perfect Power of Slow Moment

Delays on the autobahn. Missed appointments. A jumble of commitments. Wash unhung. It’s been a week of flurried activity that, despite my very best intentions, has been a little off. Blame it on the sweltering heat. Call it Mercury sliding into retrograde. Name it what […]

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