Slow Camping

The time has come, folks. It is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. We reached Southwestern Utah’s Ponderosa Ranch & Resort yesterday around 3:30 pm Mountain Time (again, confusing, but we’ve finally figured it out. Arizona is on PT time from spring to fall, […]

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Slow Travel Through the National Parks

In 2010¬†281,303,769 visitors swept through the 394 National Parks this nation (and its surrounding areas such as Puerto Rico) has to offer. Every state in the United States has one, with the exception of Delaware. An annual pass costs $80 and it’s well worth the […]

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Slow Simplicity

The pace of life out West is certainly slower than on the East Coast. For one, the temperatures are in the hundreds (Fahrenheit!) so no one is really in a hurry to move anywhere quickly. Second, there are fewer people so relationships are cherished as […]

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The Grand Canyon Lives Outside of Time

They say the Grand Canyon is a timeless place. This photo, taken yesterday, says it all. Nature is an astoundingly restorative thing. Surround yourselves with the beauty of it, wherever you are. If in a city, go to a botanical garden. If in the country, […]

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In Praise of the Auto-Reply

We’re three weeks into my five week sabbatical, and I have to say my email volume has shrunk considerably. On both my work and book-related accounts, I activated an auto-reply that explains I’m checking in intermittently, but that I’m pretty much off the grid until […]

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Cool meals for hot days

Now I know it is not hot in my resident country (Germany) right now, but it is sweltering just about everywhere else in the Northern Hemisphere. For those of you looking for wholesome, no-oven meal choices, you must look to the August issue of DASH. […]

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SpongeBob and Clock Combat

Time is our friend, not our foe. So it goes in The Power of Slow. One great way to introduce your child (ages 4 and up) to the concept of time as friend is to get a fun alarm clock. Now I was approached by […]

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Job Satisfaction Trumped by Benefits

According to this year’s ¬†Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) Employee Outlook survey, the economic downturn continues to erode people’s standard of living. It looks like it’s time for some slow. The survey of 2,000 UK-based employees revealed that more than half of workers […]

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Cultivating Your Intuition

Intuition, the sweet voice of our internal navigation system.Without it we bumble. With it, we grow humble. Intuition is the guide of consciousness. It’s truly a lovely thing. Jackie Gilbert, Professor of Management in the Middle Tennessee State University College of Business, offers her wisdom […]

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