The Meaning of Leap Year

“I wish I had 24 more hours to do all that I need to do,” you say. Welp, Leap Year affords you just that. Only it’s not really because you wished upon a star. It’s more because the Earth goes around that star called the […]

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Trees are the Lungs of the Earth

Do you love trees? I sure do. What’s a forest without them? Shrubs and some grass. Stihl’s annual Tour des Trees, a 500-mile cycling tour to benefit the Tree Fund, is coming up this August 5-11, 2012. The best thing about it? Everyone goes at […]

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Life: Unplugged

If you don’t think you’re hooked on gadgets, think again. We all are. It’s unavoidable. Even if you’re the least techie person you know. It’s everywhere. Like the air you breathe. Just yesterday life got off to a whirring start. That is, to the whirring […]

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The Pros and Cons of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy production has been on my mind lately. Maybe it’s because our little town is divided on wind power. Some think plunking down a huge windmill at the edge of town is a little spooky. This infographic points to the pros and cons of […]

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Nagging Leaders Create the Greatest Stress

A recent Workplace Survey conducted in eleven countries by the global executive staffing firm, Robert Half International, found that your  boss can be a source of great stress. Duh? Not surprising, but the reason can often be attributed to a lack of management skills, not […]

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In Defense of the ‘Hog, Sleep and Winter Needs

Groundhog Punxatawney Phil* saw his shadow yesterday. According to folklore, that’s six more weeks of winter for us. Catching a glimpse of a TV segment about the poor groundhog that those celebratory folks in that Western Pennsylvanian town unceremoniously extrapolated from his faux burrow (I […]

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