The Stressful Pursuit of Relaxation

It was an investment. It really was. Husband and I braved one of trickiest times at Aldi – the lawn furniture sale that went live at 8 a.m. this morning. For you non-German readers, you may not know what that means. It involves manuveuring large […]

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When We Go for the Gold

Living on purpose is a big topic here on the Power of Slow blog. What better way to exhibit your enthusiasm for life than by going for the gold? Literally. As in the Olympics. Or figuratively, as in blogging about the same? The folks promoting […]

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Living Life on Purpose

The Power of Slow is about finding your purpose and living it. The image below says it all. Be powerful today by being on purpose. What is your purpose? Source: via Donald on Pinterest

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How Green Is Your Thinking?

You know how I love stats. So here’s another cool poll to show you how green folks’ thinking is today., the web’s largest opinion-based community, polled its users to find out sentiments on topics surrounding the environment, recycling, organic products and hybrid cars.  Overall, […]

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Eco-Friendly Fashion for a Better World

Happy Earth Day! Did you know you are what you wear? When it comes to eco-friendly fashion, it’s true! Wearing an organic t-shirt makes me feel, I don’t know, more noble. It’s a different kind of fashion statement to care about how your clothes got […]

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Where Does All The Time Go?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics issues an annual report called the American Time Use Survey that relies on self-reporting from a pool of respondents as to where all their time goes. Compared to 2007, we are now reading even less, watching more TV and playing […]

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Slow, Green Reads for Earth Month

Books. They are my passion. They make me weep. They dropkick loneliness to another planet. Books have meaning, make meaning, build meaning. Books are the cornerstone for life. While my editor at St. Martin’s recently astounded herself by actually going to a physical bookstore to […]

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Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!

Imagine taking an entire day off. No cell phone. No one calling your name. No computer. No client calls. No children begging for ice cream. Just you, yourself, and, well, YOU! Yesterday I declared a sabbatical from my every day life and headed for the […]

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