Some Day is Now

Eckhart Tolle teaches us about the Power of Now┬áin his book of the same name. Now is all we have. So when you find yourself saying “Some day I’ll do this or that,” know that some day is now. When I was a kid, my […]

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Planting the Seeds of Joy

Merrily plant the seeds of your vision. As with any living being, those seeds grow in their own time. In my experience, planting seeds and leaving them to grow does indeed take time. Patience is a virtue I was not born with. It is an […]

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The Blessing Way

Fourteen years ago I stood in my mother’s living room, pregnant with my first child and excited about the next step in our lives. My mother’s fairy godmother friend performed a ceremony she called “A Blessing Way,” a ritual that ushered us into a new […]

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The Flame of Intuition

Intuition mostly comes like a flash of lightning. It is a strong inner knowing about something you couldn’t possibly know about through facts or even experience. It can be a guiding light in the storm of confusion. It can be your saving grace. Listening to […]

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And We Will Dance

Life is a dance. Sometimes we go slow. Sometimes we go fast. Sometimes too fast. That’s when life comes in to tell you it is time to take it down a notch. Remember that first awkward slow dance you had with that boy or girl […]

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The Lessons from the Moon

Do you doubt the moon’s existence, even if it is not in sight? In times of darkness, do you wonder if the sun will ever shine again? If you have ever witnessed the passing clouds on a dark night, you will know that the Unseen […]

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The bracelet was perfect. After searching from Paris to Alsace to Tuscany, I finally found the jewelry that expressed one of the most important summers of my life. You see I am not a collector, really. My best friend is the one who collects things. […]

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The Power of the Night

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, fretting that you cannot sleep? Does it distress you beyond belief that you are awake when it seems that the rest of the Earth is not? Have you ever considered what an opportunity it […]

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The Wisdom of the Trees

Tanja didn’t believe me at first. “Hug a tree?” she skeptically looked at me over her steaming mug of coffee. “Alright then, Christine.” She refrained from rolling her eyes at me. For the moment. I explained the power of trees, of their grounding nature, of […]

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