I’ve Got a Funny Feelin’

Whenever I hear the word “impossible,” I hear “I’m possible.” Yeah, I’m built that way. Some people may claim it’s impossible to hug the wind, for instance. I say open your arms and let it hug you. In doing so, you will create a mutual […]

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You Are Not Alone

Do you ever feel isolated, alone, not connected with anyone or anything? Then look at your hands. See what they do. They reach. They move. They write. ¬†They create. Do ever think you aren’t a part of something greater than yourself? Then look at your […]

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Step Back to Move Forward

A few months ago Kevin Cashman, a top coach for CEOs around the world, came out with a new book entitled The Pause Principle. I was thrilled to connect with such a brilliant mind who has single-handedly brought introspection and slow to C-suites around the […]

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The Greatest Disappearing Act

Something happens when you have kids. The world sees you through different eyes. Or maybe we see ourselves with a specific pair of glasses that we willingly place upon our noses. When my kids were little, I felt invisible. All eyes were on them as […]

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Take a Stand

“You’ve gotta stand for something, Christine,” my oldest sister advised me when I was in my thirties. But I wasn’t ready yet to stick my neck out that far. I thought maybe I could make a difference by laying low, keeping cool and making friends…with […]

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Finding Your Heartsong

One of the most gratifying experiences of my life has been watching children discover their own talents: a kind word, encouraging guidance and a beacon of light to illuminate their way are all they need. Then one day they come home from school with a […]

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Live Your Amazingness

Have you forgotten how incredible you are? Have you lost your sense of amazingness? When we are born, we are convinced of it. We learn to crawl, walk, run. And then we keep running. Away from who we are. Some of us realize, midway through […]

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The Power of Vulnerability

Last night I felt naked. Don’t worry. I wasn’t. I was amongst friends in a safe place. It was warm inside, cold outside. The lighting was friendly. The food was good. The atmosphere was lovely. I attended my ‘graduation’ dinner for my intermediate French class. […]

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The Edge of Things

Creatives tend to experience life on the fringe. We don’t bow to convention. We question societal norms. We shake things up. We dare to ask “Is this really true?” My sister once called me a “loose cannon,” a phrase reserved for those who roll about […]

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