The Law of Attraction

If you have ever been to Venice, you know that it is one of the most beautiful, crowded, tourist-infested cities in the world. It has so many bridges and narrow passageways that you simply have to let go of any expectation that you’ll ever find […]

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The Third Eye

Something strange has happened. I see things. Then they come true. It’s spooky, really. Usually those messages come in the form of words or pictures, sometimes in the form of sound. I get a sensation, stop, listen, and have an overwhelming feeling about what’s going […]

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Soul Time

“The soul doesn’t wear a watch,” yoga expert and HuffPost blogger Ashley Turner recently wrote. Having undergone severe heartache last year, she took time off to reflect, go inward and heal from her loss while eliminating any extraneous input from the outside world. She reminds […]

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Google Head

It was an innocent mistake. Really. And I swear I’m a good listener. Except when I’m not. At lunch the other day, my son was trying to explain the latest video game that has captured his attention. He mumbled something about Zombie Apocalypse, only I […]

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The Liberation Closure Can Bring

“Closure, when you can get it, is so powerful and liberating,” a friend posted on Facebook this morning. She is so right. Lissa Coffey penned a book entitled Closure that I had the pleasure of reviewing a few years ago. She talks about the importance […]

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The Spark of the Shadow

Go to the light, the self-help books say. Dance in brightness, live your spark, seek the goodness in all things. And yet, when we go to the light, our shadows follow us. Wherever there is light, there are shadows. Our shadow selves are the dark […]

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Time to Quit

When you hear the word “quit”, what do you really hear? Is it a term that is full of derision, disgust, disrespect? Or it is a word that means more than that? “Don’t be a quitter!” It seems to be synonymous with “loser”. But perhaps […]

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Made it through the Rain

It’s time to be honest. I am going to out myself. I was a Barry Manilow fan as a kid. You got it. I loved him. Would have died for him. But what was a rural tween to do other than to make up dance […]

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Meditation Mountain

Life works when I meditate. Life doesn’t when I don’t. Meditation is kind of a scary thing for a lot of people. But when you start a meditation practice, it frees your mind like nothing else. Meditation doesn’t have to be om-ing your way through […]

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