A New Way to Look at Time

Travel is a great way to not only see the world, but to reflect on your own. Whenever I meet new people, my perspective shifts just ever so slightly, adding layers to my understanding of things. It is the best education. For years I valued […]

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The Lessons of Carpe Diem

The weather is something none of us can control. It’s also a good example of how little we can actually influence certain things in our lives. We like to think we are in control, and certainly feel better when we have some semblance of it. […]

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The Healing Powers of Restoration

Life goes in cycles. Sometimes you are on a high; sometimes you are way down low. Sometimes you’re busier than a bee; other times you are not. What I have learned is no matter what phase you are experiencing at this moment, it is important […]

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When You Forget to Do What You Love

It’ll be a sad day when I have forgotten to blog simply because I had other things on my mind. It’s been a while, people, but I beg for forgiveness. I’ve been writing. A lot. Just not here. And quite frankly, you readers are on […]

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Do you believe in the power of goodness? Do you believe in the mysteries of the Universe? Do you believe something amazing is about to happen? Belief is the bedrock of our existence. When we lose our faith in someone or something, we get deflated. […]

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