Beauty Between the Lines

Why would anyone want to climb Mount Everest? Or bungee jump off a bridge into a 500 meter abyss? Or sleep on a sidewalk in a tent? To prove that we can. Not everyone is an adrenaline junkie and I’ll admit I prefer five-star treats […]

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Dance Between the Raindrops

Yesterday I got caught in two rainstorms. In my old, pre-Slow life, I may have found that to be problematic at best. But now I take it, take it all, with a blissful acceptance that everything is meant to be. And to be offered an […]

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Mind Unpolluted

Over a year ago I decided to stop watching TV regularly. In fact, for twelve months I didn’t watch it at all. I immediately dropped ten pounds, which never returned. And I discarded an enormous amount of mind pollution in the process. Peeking in on […]

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Light Heals

Sunlight is a necessity. If you have lived in darkness for a long time, seeing the Light for the first time in what feels like years is like rebirth. Light heals. After living through stormy times, I can’t stop smiling now. The sun and its […]

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Love Lives Here

“Do you see why I love this place?” I peered over my sunglasses to my sister. She took a sip of her drink, looked at the lake that shimmered in the mid-day light, then said, “Oh yes, girl. I see.” She considered a moment, then […]

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The Magic Kingdom

Magic lives everywhere. It hangs from the trees, it slides through the sand, it nestles between the rocks in the mountains. Magic breathes between the spaces of our lives. If we give it room, it will flourish. Every one of us has the possibility of […]

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The Days of Silence

For the past few days I haven’t talked much. I can’t remember the last time I got to be this quiet. You see my kids are headed to the United States to visit their grandparents so I had most of the weekend to myself. I […]

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