The Clairvoyant Powers of Intuition

The future comes to me in words, numbers and snippets of events I can predict. It’s not like I can guess the winning lottery combination or say who will be the next prime minister. It has more to do with every day life and the things that will occur in it.

When this first started happening, I didn’t dare tell anyone for fear I might jinx it and turn the truth into a dream. But more often than not, what I saw really came true.

The more closely I paid attention to the information I received, the louder and more frequent it would come.

Sometimes I would hear words like “love” and “trust” and “you will see”. I even once heard the number “18.6 million”. Frustrated that I couldn’t understand the message, I would try to interpret it in a way that I thought was in my favor.

That’s perhaps the greatest lesson of all when your intuition starts to speak. It doesn’t always turn out the way your ego wants it to go. Subconsciously —¬† that is, beyond the ego — you actually do know more than you think you do. Because you aren’t actually thinking it. You are knowing it.

And that subconscious place stems from the very heart of your being. It is the omniscient space in yourself in which your intuition resides.

Anyone can tap into their intuition, but it takes practice for those less familiar with that part of themselves. As with myself, you may find your ego butting in, trying to muddy up what you see to suit its own needs. The ego is a tricky thing. It’s the fearful part of ourselves, like an overprotective parent, who truly wants our best, but can’t seem to let go.

Today I will often get messages as I am speaking with a friend, seemingly out of the blue. I now tell them what I see.

You need love and trust to feed your intuition. Direct love to yourself as well as to others. Trust them and yourself. And remember that fear is the ego’s attempt to take love’s place.

It never can. Love is stronger and wins every time.

Let your intuition be your guide. The more you listen, the more you’ll hear. And see. And be.



The Universal Law of Flow

Sometimes you have to say “no” to get to “yes”.

Over the past few months I have met many people at a crossroads in their lives. They know where they are isn’t where they want to be. They have a vague sense that there is more to life than “this”, but it isn’t obvious how to get there.

If you have ever felt like you are pushing against an invisible wall, you are. You are resisting your current state completely.

Resistance brings on more of the same. Rather than changing your situation, you add to the strength of that wall by compacting it. Your pushing actually reinforces its existence. Add your own brand of self-bashing judgementalism and you’ve got a recipe for “stuck” like nobody else.

The first step toward liberation is accepting where you are. Instead of hating the place you are in, love it. Embrace it. Honor the space. The key to moving forward is really seeing where you are in the moment with all the love you can muster. From that place you can move forward.

But only if you practice acceptance. When you accept your current situation, you are guided by the Universal Law of Flow.

Flow is delicious. It is that state of timelessness that raises your awareness to a new level. It is the space in which you get to be who you are without thought or judgement. In essence, it is a place of deep and ever-lasting love.

Acceptance does not mean resignation. But you can’t get to where you want to be if you don’t fully acknowledge where you are. It takes some courage to look closely at yourself. After all, you are the person who got you there.

Taking personal responsibility for what you create in life is incredibly empowering, once you get over the habit of pointing the finger the other way. In truth, no one else, not even your parents, is responsible for where you are as an adult. They have influence, but they aren’t the ones living your life.

You are.

And that brings me to the “no” cum “yes” evolution. Sometimes you have to say “no” to people, things or circumstances to make that change. If you want something better in your life, you have to take a different route – and that involves trusting in yourself that the choices you make are the right ones.

You literally can expect a different result when you do things in a different way. But if you continue with more of the same, that’s what you’ll get too.

Either way, it is up to you. If you believe in yourself and truly listen to your heart’s calling, you will find the answers to every question from within. And, as if by magic, that change you so desired will be yours with the utmost of ease and grace.

Shadow Dancing

The autumnal equinox is the representation of equal light and darkness. In other words, the day is as long as the night.

Dancing with the Freiburg sun

Dancing with the Freiburg sun

We get that kind of balance twice a year. Once in March, then again in September. It is when the earth’s equator passes the center of the sun. On either side of it, imbalance occurs. We either get more light than darkness or more darkness than light.

We are sliding into the darker days in the Northern Hemisphere now. It is always bittersweet for me as I say goodbye to the sun.

Truth be told, the sun is never really gone. We Northern Lights are just taking a ride away from it for a spell.

Indian summer is upon us now ~ that last teasing flash of heat before the grey enshrouds us.

But never fear. We can dance in the shadows as the Earth lays itself to rest. It is a never-ending cycle of Nature that reminds us every season has a reason and that cold is as much a part of life as warmth.

Cuddle closer to the ones you love. And never, ever forget to dance.



As Good as It Gets

Sometimes our lives resemble a house of cards: fragile, tenuous, easily knocked down with one gust of wind.

In those tender moments we need to remember that doing our very best looks different than if things are running along smoothly and we have a full inner tank that’s just bursting with joy.

We can’t bathe in sunlight all the time. We also need rain to grow.

On those less-than-ideal days, it would be in our highest interest to accept that breathing is about all we can do. Yup, there will be times, my friends, when inhaling, exhaling and sitting upright is as good as it gets.

Be kind to yourself. There’s a reason why it’s called being at the top of your game; you know, those moments in time when everything is in flow? There will also be moments when you’re at the bottom of your game; maybe you’ll even be at the bottom of the barrel. Wherever you are, know that you are exactly where you need to be.

We’re all learning on this journey. Gather those folks who love you even when you are in a bad mood. You know who they are.

Not everyone can take the fall with you. Know that people will enter and exit your life; yet everyone who does has equal value, fulfilling a purpose often unknown to us. The ones that stay with you when the going gets tough are friends for a lifetime.

Life is juicy and, yes, sometimes messy with stuff oozing between your fingers and down your arms. So what if you get a little dribble on your chin? Celebrate every aspect of it for, my dear ones, this life is the only one you’ve got.

The Shattering Power of Gratitude

Gratitude can rock your world. It’s the cousin of joy. No, on second thought, it’s the Siamese twin. You simply can’t have one without the other.

Yesterday a sales lady caught me cradling some high-end shampoo as I walked to the checkout counter. I was celebrating having landed another, albeit short-term, client by purchasing some sparkle in a bottle. It’s not the kind I use every day. It’s expensive, smells good, and gives me an inner shine.

“What reverence!” she exclaimed as she watched me carefully place the bottle on the counter.

If she only knew.

I wasn’t always this grateful about things. In fact, I took a lot of things for granted ~ big house, nice cashflow, effortless opportunities to travel whenever I needed to scratch my travel itch.

Things have changed now. Effortlessness now comes in the form of my own gratefulness for the things I still have. And although my material world has shrunk, my spiritual one has expanded immeasurably.

Everything else was merely a trapping of an empty, less than ideal existence. Doing what you want doesn’t always give you what you want. Oftentimes that kind of freedom sends you on a downward spiral into misery.

Money can’t buy you happiness. In fact, happiness is not for sale. Unlike the shampoo, an expression of my joy for having acquired another client, happiness is a state of mind.

As I left the store with my new purchase (and I swear I think the sales lady was glowing, too), I reflected on the shattering power of gratitude. It can break down walls of resistence within ourselves. It can carefully craft a whole new way of being in the world. When we look at what we have versus what we do not, our entire perspective changes.

I know people who drive fancy cars and live in palatial homes, but their happiness level isn’t any higher. They seek satisfaction only to watch it crumble after a few moments of fun. When we are accustomed to so much, it is hard to see it all. It grows into a blur and an unsettling feeling of dis-ease enters our bones.

Yes, gratitude can indeed rock your world. It has certainly rocked mine. Foundation and all.




The Magic Place

It is no wonder that most fairytales take place in the woods. Trees exude magic.

The Japanese understand the importance of the woods. In fact, they have a term for the time you spend there, “Shinrin-yoku” ~ it is roughly translated to mean ‘forest bathing‘. Dipping into the thick air can soothe the soul.

Freiburg, Germany

Freiburg, Germany

If you have lost that magic place within yourself, return to Nature. It’s healing powers will awaken your spirit like no drug can do (in fact, drugs actually dampen your spirit, making you numb, not nimble).

Every day I take a walk through our nearby woods. When I first got my apartment, I had no idea what lay before my very doorstep – within five minutes I can be in a nature reserve. To think I live in a city nestled in a magical forest!

Any day now I’m expecting Snow White to emerge from the blanket of green behind my building.

Wherever you live, find your magic place. It’s the source of your greatest strength.

Cherish your inner altar with a good romp in the woods. Your soul, and the world around you, will thank you!


The Dance of Desire

Over a year ago I wrote about desire versus craving. We all desire things. Sometimes we crave them too.

The difference between desire and craving is subtle, but true. Desire is an expression of longing. Craving is an expression of neediness.

Dancing in the delight of desire is spectacular. It is a teasing, a delicious yearning for something just out of reach, but with the promise of its fulfillment.

A craving is an insatiable hunger that can never really be stilled.

When we rest in our own awareness, we experience desire.

When we place our power outside of ourselves, it turns into a craving, that toxic place in which we lose touch with our own reality.

We imagine things that are not real. We create ghosts that tell us what we want to hear, but they are only apparitions of our own making.

We have all experienced disappointments in life when we truly thought something to be real, only to find out it was a mirage. Our minds played tricks on our hearts and what we thought to be desire wasn’t that at all.

When we remain in consciousness, we can elevate our thinking, our beingness, our everything. We can liberate ourselves from the falsehoods of our cravings when we are truly honest with ourselves.

Honesty opens the door to our inner truth, that True Space in which we become one with ourselves. From there we can meld with the Higher Power that exists within each of us. Only then can we become aware of our infinite connection with each other.

And with that knowingness, we are set free — free to desire, free to dance, free to be who we truly are.

Allow life to seduce you to that place of desire. In that space between the promise and its fruition, you, and everything you’ve ever wished for, will be born.


Let There Be Dreams

One of my favorite things to do is to doze in the morning until I’m fully awake. It can sometimes take hours as I lay in an alpha state, dreaming of intense things while thinking any minute I’ll get up, only to turn on my side with a sleepy smile to sink deeper into my reverie.

I recently asked a Japanese executive what he liked to do in his spare time.

“Sleep,” he said without skipping a beat.

He works too much and plays too little. My guess is he probably hasn’t remembered a single dream in years.

Dreams are life-sustaining, not only because they help warehouse all our subconscious thoughts, but also because they provide us with a feeling of hope that things could be different than they seem, starting first with a dream that may later turn into reality.

You can’t dream if you don’t sleep. Most people don’t get enough shut-eye, which can actually shorten your life.

Go slow. Doze more. Worry less. Make time for dreams. They are not only magical. They are restorative too.


Going into the Full Release

Letting go is one of the hardest things for us to do, especially if we are highly attached to the way we think things should be.

Whether we like it or not, we have expectations about things. You might argue that you do not, but my guess is you do expect a certain kind of treatment at a restaurant or other public space. You may say you expect nothing of anyone, but I bet you expect something from yourself.

To be human is to expect. There’s a reason why we use the term ‘expecting’ when a woman is pregnant.

We expect a lot.

And that leads me to the reason why letting go is so incredibly hard. We are hard-wired to expect things. To shift our thinking from what we want to what we have isn’t always easy.

Perhaps you expect your child to attend an Ivy League college and then are disappointed when his path takes a different turn.

Perhaps you expect your spouse to treat you like a God, then are shocked when he or she doesn’t come close to seeing you that way.

Maybe you expect to be paid what you are worth, but cry every time you bring your measly paycheck home.

Going into the full release can help allay those feelings of disappointment.

Whenever I feel expectations creep up the back of my spine and into my skull, I thank them for their time, then breathe them away. I recognize they are there for a reason ~ to foster hope, to shape my reality, to give me a sense of joy. But it is a false joy because oftentimes expectations cannot be met. That’s when the searing pain of disappointment settles into our bones, turning joy into sorrow.

Joy, for the mere sake of it, is more sustainable. Releasing those great expectations, counting our blessings and steeping ourselves in gratitude for What Is and What Shall Be are the cornerstones of immeasurable delight.

Breathe with me now. Thank those expectations, then send them on their way while you go yours.

Going into the full release is a guaranteed path to your personal liberation. Forever.



Make Room for Surprises

Joy is always an option.

Yet how many of us pursue happiness as if it were a place on Earth? It isn’t. Happiness is a state of mind.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Bloom where you are planted”? For the longest time, that was my life motto. But sometimes where you are planted is not where you are meant to live at all. That makes happiness harder to maintain because your state of mind tells you something is awry.

Like your positive state of mind, a seed can’t germinate if it doesn’t have room to grow. You can plant seeds, but without the right conditions, they won’t budge, bloom or blossom into what they are meant to be.

You need the right fertile ground.

If you are anything like me, you may have spent a good deal of time planting seeds in fallow ground and wondering why the shoots wouldn’t follow. You carefully watered those seeds, remained patient in the sun and the rain, and yet nothing happened.

Until one day you realized you needed to move to greener pastures, higher ground, greater heights to place your seeds elsewhere. And when you arrived in your new space, your seeds effortlessly burst out into the most beautiful flowers.

You had finally made room for surprises.

If your life isn’t luscious, examine the soil beneath you. It is in the nature of things that we thrive. If we aren’t doing so, we may need to fertilize our space with something new.

You can’t force a seed to do what you want if you don’t give it what it needs. Things will only grow in your life if you give them room to breathe.

Let the winds of heaven dance between you and everything else. If you do, you will witness great miracles.

I promise you that.