Two Thin Lines

The only thing that separates joy and sorrow are two thin lines. Like the moon to the Earth, one revolves around the other, living side-by-side in constant juxtaposition. Whether we like it or not, happiness and sadness need each other to survive. That is perhaps […]

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If you hold an eight ounce glass of water for a minute, it feels like nothing. If you hold it for a day, the weight of it can crush you. And so it is when we carry around bad feelings. A fleeting moment of sorrow […]

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The Painful Truth

Why does honesty hurt sometimes? Like any muscle that’s been underused, we grow accustomed to telling little untruths to ensure we look good, sound good, feel good. It doesn’t always feel good to look truth in the eye, especially when we try so desparately to […]

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A Place of Comfort for Us All

Self-soothing is a skill we teach babies to help them fall asleep at night. It is an important thing to learn because, whether that stressed out new parent knows it or not, self-soothing is an essential, lifelong process. Creating an inner sanctum is life-sustaining. Without […]

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The Natural Family Connection

The shape and size of family depends wholly on the connection you have to the people in your circle. Sometimes its form has to change for things to work better. Some people fall off the radar while others remain by your side — rock solid […]

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The Freiburg Sparkle

Freiburg holds the key to my heart. It is the most magical place I have ever been. Every day I thank the Universe for its goodness in bringing me here. It is the reward, I suppose, for trusting in its message even when I had […]

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The Era of Restoration

The restorative powers of sleep are not to be underestimated. We all need rest. If we don’t get it, we shorten our lives, and the quality of it, considerably. The Earth’s response to the colder nights can serve as a reminder to us all about […]

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