The Universe is Like a Supermarket

The door to creativity swings wide open when you make space for it. In fact, anything you have ever desired is just waiting for you to create the room for it to enter. Sometimes we forget where the key to that door is. Although it resides […]

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The Art of Healing

Some people give you wings. Others place weights on your heart. Even more confusing are the people you thought gave you wings, only to realize how much they weighed you down. Time is a healer, some say. I think it takes more than time to […]

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The Waste of Haste

How many times have you rushed through something, only to have to retrace your steps to correct the myriad mistakes you made whilst in a hurry? How many highway exits have you missed while going too fast? How many signals have you ignored in your […]

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Little Simplicities

The simple life means something different to everyone. For some it means living in small, minimalistic spaces. For others it means removing barriers that stand in their way. For others still it refers to their pace of life ~ sleepy, super Slow and silent. For […]

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Energy Savers ~ Just Be It

Halloween is over, but vampires are everywhere. You know the kind: The energy vampires that suck the life right out of you. Maybe you are struggling to get everything done on your to-do list. Have you taken a look at it lately? Do you really […]

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The Balance Between Boredom and Überbusy

“One day we’ll catch our breath, right?” I sighed into the phone as my friend listened intently. “Face it, Christine. You’d be miserable if you were bored.” She’s right. Being challenged is an integral part of my happiness. Sitting around and navel-gazing isn’t really my […]

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Beauty in the Strangest Places

Forget the Fountain of Youth. According to Franz Kafka, “[a]nyone who keeps the ability to see beauty in every age of life really never grows old.” If we look about us, we can find beauty everywhere ~ in the gentle lilting fluff of a six-month-old […]

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The Reward of Bravery

Difficult conversations scare me. I suppose they scare a lot of people. For years I would harmonize on the outside while I would agonize on the inside about the simplest things. No more. In my new commitment to authentic living, I am faced with leaving […]

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