Beauty in the Strangest Places

Forget the Fountain of Youth. According to Franz Kafka, “[a]nyone who keeps the ability to see beauty in every age of life really never grows old.”

If we look about us, we can find beauty everywhere ~ in the gentle lilting fluff of a six-month-old baby in the pediatrician’s waiting room; in a sonorous bird’s song in the forest; in the gleam of light that strains through the clouds for the duration of one breath on an overcast day; in a friend’s caring voice that you haven’t heard in a year.

Beauty’s triumph surrounds us every day. If we listen closely, we can hear its call. Yet, beauty, like time, is fleeting. It is for us to behold but for a moment before it retreats once again. Ephemeral beauty captivates the soul and breathes life into every one of us, if we let it.

Where do you see beauty today?


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