A Measure of Strength

Being ill can bring you down and make you wonder if you will ever feel good again. It is in those moments when gratitude sets in for the times you did feel good. I am certainly not an advocate for feeling sick, but there are […]

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The Magic of Slow

Whoever says he or she loves meetings is lying. Meetings are boring and most people build an inner resistance toward them. So when I was tasked with organizing and running a recent conference in Munich, I could feel that while everyone was really glad to […]

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One hundred years

Tick tock goes the clock. A minute passes. A day goes by. Then a week. Then a month. Then a year. Time starts slowly with a life ahead of us. Then we grow, experience, dream. We crawl. We walk. We run. We evolve. And as […]

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Life layers us with callouses, yet we remain so fragile. So breakable. So vulnerable to so many, many things. Sometimes we experience a slow crush without even realizing it. Then one day it hits us. Bam! Burnout. Blackout. Time-out! Having spent a few decades on […]

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For the Love of Simplicity

Smooth lines. Clean surfaces. Rooms filled with air, not stuff. Streamlining life can be so lovely. “Simplicity is what I want in 2014,” my friend told me. But, she admitted, in our complicated world filled with data and distraction, it’s not that simple to obtain. […]

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The Reason

Why is a child’s favorite word. Why do birds fly? Why does the rain fall? Why? Why. Why… We never stop asking ourselves that question. Later, as life progresses, we ask ourselves “Why me? Why now? Why not?” We are the reason seekers. We look […]

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Naming the Year

A new start, a new year, a new opportunity to do things a little differently. Saying goodbye to 2013 was a blessing. It meant truly putting in the past what belongs there. In contrast, welcoming in a New Year is often as joyous as the […]

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