Dipping into the Pool of Possibility

Would you rather hear what you can have versus what you can’t? Most of us respond better to positive reinforcement than to that ever-dangling carrot just out of reach. Neuroscientists agree. In a recent study published in Social Neuroscience, researchers found that a more positive […]

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Planting the Seeds

Whether you have a green thumb or not, you are a gardener. You plant seeds wherever you go. Sometimes we are like dandelions, multiplying ourselves through the myriad ideas we sow. With just one gust of wind, we can cover an entire field with our […]

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Offline and in Life

Working from home can make you crazy. Human beings require connection. Not just through Skype or text messages. But also through honest-to-goodness, real-life contact. It is the human touch that makes all the difference. Apart from a brief stint in Corporate America, I have worked […]

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The Slow Road to Heaven

Speed is relative. Okay, so you can quantify it, measure it, try to control it. But in the end, everyone has his own custom pace. Mine used to be a lot faster than it is now. But my deceleration was gradual. I only notice how […]

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On Being Real

Dreams are an awesome map to the psyche. They illustrate our innermost thoughts and fears. And hopes too. In our dreams anything is possible. We can bend time, suspend it or move beyond it, if we wish. Last night I had the best dream ever. […]

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The Google-ization of Life

There is more to life than convenience and quick answers. Sometimes the slow route to knowledge is more interesting. Yet Google would have us believe — with its heart-warming television commercials — that the world is just a click away. And every answer to every […]

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The Transformative Power of Crisis

The most interesting people are those who have experienced life on many levels. They have seen highs. They have seen lows. They have triumphed and overcome. They have utilized conflict to the betterment of their own lives — and those of others. Crisis isn’t something […]

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Out of Your Mind

The tingling sensation of true mind suspension is a delightful thing indeed. I am not talking about dropping acid or snorting something funny. I am referring more to the restorative powers of taking time off. You haven’t heard from me in a while — in […]

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