Let There Be Rain

If we only ever wanted sunshine, we’d never get rainbows. Rain brings the Earth to life. It is essential to our existence. And yet we resist rain  — we complain about it as if it really weren’t necessary. It messes with our plans. We resent […]

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The Kitchen Goddess

Change has been on my mind lately. It may have something to do with the book I am currently reading by Chip and Dan Heath, Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard. In my mind, change is always hard. It’s uncomfortable and messy […]

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Mountains and Molehills

The crushing weight of anxiety placed firmly on our chests, we face new challenges — or avoid them at all costs — with a pending sense of impossibility. We know we have done something similar before this moment, and yet we cannot help but feel […]

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Friday – In Pictures

A picture speaks a thousand words. And because my super-duper webmaster finally fixed the bug that made my blog sick (and pictureless), I am honoring his efforts by posting a few of my favorite snapshots today. Enjoy the view! I gave my best friend this […]

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Dancing Outside of Time

Have you ever wondered why you can pick up where you left off in a conversation with really good friends, even if distance and time separate you? Have you ever considered why time seems to fly when you spend time with someone you truly love? […]

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