That Special Kind of Crazy

If there is one thing I’ve learned as a creative professional, you must always nurture your special kind of crazy. I deal with business people. A lot. The ones who have been successful have never conformed. They’ve danced outside of the box – and sometimes […]

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Taking the Slow Train

Nothing reveals more about human beings than physical discomfort. Trapped in an overcrowded train with no air conditioning as it stood still on the tracks for over an hour, I realized how quickly things can turn sour when things get a little uncomfortable. People shouted. […]

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For the Love of Creation

Nature, that juicy piece of the world that teaches us so much. A tree stands tall through storms and sunshine. A flower unfolds simply for the beauty of itself. A bird sings because it can. Everything in Nature is precoded. A blade of grass doesn’t […]

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The Good Life — Right Where You Are

Owning a restaurant is more than a full-time occupation. It’s a life decision. It consumes every aspect of your schedule, starting with opening hours and ending with unforeseen crises that demand your attention whenever they happen. I admire┬árestaurateurs for their gumption, their commitment, their love […]

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