In a Hurry?

Have you ever watched the snow fall? It falls at its own pace. Have you ever rushed over a patch of ice? I bet that didn’t end well for you. Winter is here. It is a particular time of Slow. It allows us to take […]

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Modern-Day Angels

Doors close. Windows open. Clients leave. Clients return. ItemsĀ get lost. Angels find them. Whenever something that could be perceived as “bad” happens, I take notice. Almost immediately, after the shock wears off, I ask myself: “What is the Universe telling me?” When I take that […]

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Difficult Conversations

The year 2014 is coming to a close. In a few weeks the holidays will be upon us. I have never been happier to say farewell to one of the hardest years of my life. In many ways, it has been a good year. I […]

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The Secret to Happiness

Life can be hard. People can be harsh. Situations can lead us down the path to Hell. In all my years on this Earth, I have learned a few things that have become unshakable truths. No one can make you happy or unhappy. You are […]

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Chasing the Light

The days have shrunk to half their size. The grandiose power of the sun has been replaced by a weaker version of itself. The sky is grey. The Earth is balding. Winter is almost here. I have noticeably started organizing my activities around the waning […]

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