Forgetting the Fear

The tops of the trees swayed. We heard laughter and a few admissions of fear. The ropes whirred like a Porsche on the autobahn. Feet dangling. Hands braking. Tree-top walking at its finest. We had a brilliant idea today. Five kids. Two adults. And a […]

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Miracles Take Time

Time is one of my favorite topics. It affects absolutely everything in the Universe, inanimate or┬ánot. How long a thing, person, plant, planet or pet exists depends on the isochrony of the clock. When I was a graduate student, I brought my love of language […]

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Get Lost and Return

We all have Lost and Found stories. It is a part of life that things — and people — come and go in our lives. But have you ever had an item mysteriously disappear only for it to return under equally mysterious circumstances? As with […]

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