There’s No Place Like Home

Sitting at my dad’s breakfast table, I shared with him what I had learned since we had last seen each other in 2014. “If you find your center, you are always at home no matter where you are in this world.” His eyes widened as […]

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What’s So Great About Getting Older?

A lot, actually. But of all the things I have learned in my lifetime, one stands out the most. The years have taught me not to take things personally. Milk gets spilled. Clouds form. Missteps happen.┬áPeople misbehave (or behave differently than we would have them […]

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The Many Pieces of Me

As I inch toward the fifth decade of my life, I have taken pause to reflect on all the places I have been. The list is long. The road has been too. When people ask about my history, I tell them I left home at […]

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