6,000 reasons why Twitter is so powerful

Too much information? Yes, we have too much information. Take Twitter, for example. On average Twitter users produce 500 million tweets per day. It’s a (social media) jungle out there. I have learned to navigate it, using the principles of Slow. It’s not for the […]

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The Frenzy of Immediacy

Ping. Click. Bing. Bloop. Blip. Huuuuuunnnn! How often do you hear these sounds on an average day? And each time you do, your attention is pulled away from what you are doing to what someone else wants you to know. Parenting in a digital world […]

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The Shocking Truth of Gadget Usage

Their heads were bowed. Their eyes were lowered. For a moment, I thought Manhattanites were in mourning again. Only it wasn’t 2001. It was 2008. And everyone I saw on the street was looking at their smartphones. I haven’t lived in the United States since […]

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How to Thrive, Not Just Survive

It is as if Arianna Huffington took off her high heels and climbed into my head. For the past week I have devoured her latest book, Thrive. It is not as if she says anything new, but reading her book is like getting a whole […]

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A little bit can go a long way

My friend’s face loomed large on my iMac screen. She had forty minutes before her next appointment. It had been too long since we last spoke. And now, because I too had been ten minutes late, we had less time together than planned. “How’s life?” […]

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Time Stealers

Chatting at work was considered the biggest “time waster”, according to this survey. But honestly, why wouldn’t you want people to talk to one another? It leads to team-building, a sense of connection and a deeper rootedness in the place you spend so much time […]

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The Magic of Slow

Whoever says he or she loves meetings is lying. Meetings are boring and most people build an inner resistance toward them. So when I was tasked with organizing and running a recent conference in Munich, I could feel that while everyone was really glad to […]

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For the Love of Simplicity

Smooth lines. Clean surfaces. Rooms filled with air, not stuff. Streamlining life can be so lovely. “Simplicity is what I want in 2014,” my friend told me. But, she admitted, in our complicated world filled with data and distraction, it’s not that simple to obtain. […]

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The Waste of Haste

How many times have you rushed through something, only to have to retrace your steps to correct the myriad mistakes you made whilst in a hurry? How many highway exits have you missed while going too fast? How many signals have you ignored in your […]

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