A Message of Peace

It is easy to express words of gratitude, peace and love when you aren’t challenged, when things are going along swimmingly, when the world seems to sparkle in the blessings of the season. I have seen little of that in the past few weeks. And […]

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The Sliding Holiday Scale

September and October used to be the months of fall with colorful splashes of pumpkin orange and blue skies. If you were to believe the retailers, however, you would think it was Christmas. Since early September — before my kids even returned to school — […]

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A Mindful Christmas

Image by gabster_ro via Flickr The month of December is stressful for a lot of people. The holidays add to the tension and for some, light deprivation deeply affects our moods. During this season of light (or lack thereof!), we need to engage in empowering […]

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The Winter of Rest

Oh rest ye merry gentlemen… Our house is bursting with holiday cheer. The naked Christmas tree is about to be adorned with every bulb we’ve ever owned , not to mention all the holiday trinkets my mom has managed to send us over the years. […]

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Holiday Slowdown

My article on the top ten ways to slow down this holiday season has found resonance in quite a few places. It seems we become so harried this time of year. And yet it is the season of light where the Earth is the darkest. […]

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