Angry? Go Off(line)

The dream ended with a thought: one day even the Internet will be obsolete. One day everything will be. The thought comforted me as I snapped on my phone in the middle of the night, unable to sleep as the turmoil of the past few […]

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For the Love of Creation

Nature, that juicy piece of the world that teaches us so much. A tree stands tall through storms and sunshine. A flower unfolds simply for the beauty of itself. A bird sings because it can. Everything in Nature is precoded. A blade of grass doesn’t […]

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The Invisible Auxiliary Benefits of Slow

We all know the feeling of impatience when things take longer than they ‘should’. We tap our fingers, pace the floor, or shout unkind words in our heads orĀ at the windshield, depending on the proximity of others or the level of their so-called offensive slowness. […]

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Time-Saver for Less Surfing

I am no technophobe. In fact, I celebrate the revolutionary tool called the Internet. It has improved my quality of life in many ways, allowing me to pursue my life’s dream of writing and connecting with people all over the world from the comfort of […]

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