Why Should You Care?

The unyielding darkness has started to seep into the Northern Hemisphere. Abbreviated sunlight in November has always affected my mood, challenging my natural buoyancy by the stagger and sway of light deprivation. And this year we have an additional force to reckon with: a metaphorical shadowy veil […]

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The Harvesting Place

The best way to welcome love into your life is to give it first to yourself. How is it that we learn this so late in life? Carving that love space within ourselves, or preserving it, is a life skill, but somehow along the way […]

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Live Your Amazingness

Have you forgotten how incredible you are? Have you lost your sense of amazingness? When we are born, we are convinced of it. We learn to crawl, walk, run. And then we keep running. Away from who we are. Some of us realize, midway through […]

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Where is Your Entrance?

Usher sings about searching for himself in his title album Looking 4 Myself. He says he finds himself in someone else. I think that is partly true. We are social animals and we need each other to serve as mirrors of our true selves. Sometimes […]

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The Fundamental Principle in Life

Pilates. The single most fabulous way to come into alignment with oneself. Most Wednesdays I take a pilates class at my gym. The teacher is beyond amazing. It is as if we are one, experiencing what it’s like to move our bodies this way. It […]

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Momshell – Self-Care the slow way

“Never leave the house without your lipstick and pearls,” my grandmother would say. As long as you had those things, she claimed, you were considered fully dressed. She was of an era of up-dos and crinolin. She had class, style, and charisma. The Associated Press […]

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