The Progress Principle

Being at a standstill can be the most frustrating experience for a recovering speedaholic like myself. Although I know there is power in slow, there are moments when setbacks make it feel like the world is going to end. Apparently, I am not alone in […]

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The Echo Effect

We all have a personal echo. It’s the stamp we make on the world, like footprints in concrete. And it reverberates around the planet whether you know it or not. Some call it the butterfly effect. That is, when a butterfly flaps its wings, it […]

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Dwell in Possibility

Surmounting seemingly impossible tasks is an essential part of life. When I took my very first written exam at German university, I was scared out of my wits. All kinds of ‘what if’s’ floated through my head. ‘What if I can’t formulate my thoughts in […]

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Manage Your Stress through Connection

Social connection is the healing bond that keeps us centered. When we disengage from the world, withdraw from our loved ones or wander down the path of isolation, we aren’t able to cope as well. According to the new book, Manage Your Stress: Overcoming Stress […]

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Embracing the Shadow Side

I have been known to say “I used to be a nice person…until I had children.” Now that I’ve been at this parenting gig for well over a decade, I realize that children bring out everything in us that is unresolved, unattended or carefully hidden […]

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In Deep Water

The other day I read a great saying: “If you get into deep water, dive.” That says it all. Sometimes we get into situations in which we feel we are over our heads. Last year I was commissioned to write a full-length statistics-laden report for […]

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To Bid the Norm Adieu

“Anything worth doing is worth doing slowly” ~ Mae West It has been three years since The Power of Slow hit the stands. It has slowly (pun intended!) infiltrated numerous cultures: from India, to South Korea, to China, to even the lovely country of France, […]

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