Balance isn’t everything

Today is the fourth in a series of conversations with work-life balance experts. A self-proclaimed ‘anti-balance expert,’ Michelle Nichols, owner of and author of a book of the same name, shares her views on today’s economic crisis and living with your priorities in order.

Michelle writes:

“Today, it’s like we’re fighting in a smoke-filled room. Power comes from
discerning what is important, and what is not so important; it comes from

hug-your-kidsI believe that work-life balance is the wrong goal. When you’re trying to hold onto your job AND keep your family relationships going, then ‘balance’ is an illogical, impossible – and downright dangerous plan. It’s illogical because work and family are not of equal value, impossible because there is no conversion rate for work and family so they can’t be balanced, and dangerous because work is ultimately replaceable and family is irreplaceable so your health can be put at risk if they are made equal.

Instead, I recommend people prioritize. It’s not 50% work and 50% family; it’s family first and work a close second! That means, hug your kids,
spouse/partner/loved ones – and then get to work. By taking care of the most important thing first, it lets people focus on their work and get more done!”

What is your top priority? What comes second? Make a list today. Check it often. Priorities often shift, depending on where the fire’s burning hottest. Engage in the power of slow by raising your consciousness about what’s truly important. As the blaze continues to raze through our global village, know this too shall pass.

How will you spend your time as it does?

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  1. Michelle Nichols

    March 30, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    Thanks for letting your readers and fans know about the Hug Your Kids movement. Hugs are all about the power of slow – they don’t take long but a good hug can last all day – or even a week.

    Please go hug a loved one right now. If you’re alone, go phone someone you love and tell them “I LOVE you!” Hugs – and love – matter.

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