The Daily Stretch ~ Day #13 “Overcoming Mid-life Speedbumps of Fear”

Ronna Snyder wrote me the most powerful story so I’m going to share it in her voice. I think you’ll agree she’s on to something.

“On the cusp of that chasm called mid-life, I’d begun to feel the fear-factor that so frequently hijacks once vibrant women.  I’d seen fear insidiously swallow up my mother as she aged, limiting friendships, sealing off adventures, and I could feel it knocking on my door.  If I didnt get a handle on this soul-stealer, I thought to myself, I, too, would freefall into fearful fragility myself.

And so, cliche or not, I did what many women do when whacked-out with anxiety:  I went shopping. But I wasn’t searching out the latest perfume or pocketbook to appease my angst.  I was power shopping, honey!  In the purest sense of the word.  As in 1300 rumbling ccs of it.  I bought myself an outrageously purple, 800-pound Harley-Davidson Road King, took a class on how to keep from killing myself on it and then climbed up into the driver’s seat.  In more ways than one.
Yes, I was freaking terrified.  Yes, it was harder-than-hormone-hell to learn how to handle the beast.  But the important thing was it got me over a crucial midlife hurdle, reminding me, once again, that I AM in the drivers seat of my life; that I do HAVE choices and options–the biggest of which is to NOT turn into a whining, whimpy, frightened, emotionally-crippled middle-aged has-been.
This change-of-mindset set the stage for even MORE fearless efforts—like writing my first book, Hot Flashes from Heaven, getting an agent, and selling it to a reputable publisher, then ultimately finding it on the bookshelves of places like Barnes & Noble. “

The subject of her work? Finding your mid-life “power”  and embracing aging with a fearlessness that’s ageless!

Yet another story that there is power in slow. So when you feel the need to embrace your inner angst, do so. Then get out there and rumble!**

**Um…the Harley is optional.

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