The Land of the Lost

On days when I lose my keys, I know I have too much on my mind. Misplacing things is a sign of being overwhelmed. But sometimes things lose themselves in an energetic exchange that tells me now is the time to let them go.

Releasing is a spiritual practice because we tend to cling to things. They can be material items, relationships or expectations. There would be no need to release if we were in flow at all times.

My belongings often teach me the power of release by disappearing for a time. My magic necklace once took a six month journey in the pocket of my coat that I swear had been empty all this time. Just as I was searching for something else, it showed up in the moment that I truly needed it. Or my beloved sunglasses that I bought in New York City that I thought I had left on a plane back from the Cannes Film Festival showed up in that same bag (that I swear was empty!) on the way to the airport as I headed back to France.

It is as if these things are telling me “See! Nothing ever gets lost. It merely transforms.”

If you are struggling with loss right now, know that it may be the biggest transformation you get to witness in this lifetime. Energy is shifting into a new form. Sometimes it returns to its original state. Other times it moves into a new shape altogether. When we are in flow with ourselves, it doesn’t matter what shape things are in because we are originating from our truest form. And the energies that swirl about us move in and out freely like water under a bridge.

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