The Edge of Things

Creatives tend to experience life on the fringe. We don’t bow to convention. We question societal norms. We shake things up. We dare to ask “Is this really true?”

My sister once called me a “loose cannon,” a phrase reserved for those who roll about in an unexpected manner. We dance to the beat of our own drums without permission. We do it because we know it is the expression of our inner most truth.

It can be scary to live that way, gazing at the cusp of life and saying “Why not?”

When I boarded a plane Germany-bound at the age of sixteen, my mother knew I had been born with gumption that would guide me to the end of that experience.

She was right.

So what if I didn’t know the language. So what if I didn’t know a single person who would greet me at the other end. So what if I struggled. Life offered me unimaginable lessons that brought me to where I am today.

It takes courage to live on the edge of things.

Oftentimes people will ask me if I’m not nervous entering a cocktail party not knowing a single soul.

“Oh, but I do. We are all connected,” I say. “Souls meet souls. We are all the same.”

Travel has taught me to open up to the possibility of connection, no matter where I am.

Hungry for life in all its forms, I have learned that fear is merely a reflection of the question “Why do it?” When you listen to your inner voice, it does not cloud your listening with such questions. It leads you to places that you need to go, even if the “Why” is left unanswered.

Not everyone is meant to live this way. But I am. With a clarity of vision that prompts me forward, I listen to my intuition that has never let me down.

If you are interested in knowing how to tap into your inner knowing, take time to ask yourself the singular question: “Why not?”

You will find the answer is “because I am meant to do this. I just know.”

It involves a solid trust and confidence that who you are is enough.

And you know what, my love?

You are.

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