I’ve Got a Funny Feelin’

Whenever I hear the word “impossible,” I hear “I’m possible.” Yeah, I’m built that way.

Some people may claim it’s impossible to hug the wind, for instance. I say open your arms and let it hug you. In doing so, you will create a mutual embrace because your intention is to love it the best you can as it loves you back the way it knows how too.

We get so set in our ways, as if things have to be organized in a certain manner for them to be real or valid. We look at life, and our role in it, as somehow the outline of a cookie cutter form. Stamp it down once and call that form YOU. Never change it, bend it or make it different. Draw safely within the lines. Never dance offbeat or sing off tune.


We all need security. No doubt about it. But when we opt for security over serenity long-term, we’ve got ourselves a problem.

If you are lucky, your intuition will start to get louder, maybe in the form of a funny feeling in your stomach. Something’s gotta give, but you just don’t know what. Follow that gut feeling and see where it takes you. You might be rocked by a storm, wind and all, but eventually, you will find your equilibrium again. Behind that cloud you will discover the serenity you seek.

And remember all the while to open your arms to the wind that encases you. It’s giving you love.



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