The Magic Kingdom

Magic lives everywhere. It hangs from the trees, it slides through the sand, it nestles between the rocks in the mountains. Magic breathes between the spaces of our lives. If we give it room, it will flourish.

Every one of us has the possibility of living in the Magic Kingdom. It is simply about opening up to it. I once told a friend that from now on I would lead a magical life, no matter who shows up in it. It was a decision I made, perhaps the best one in my entire life. Because magic has come in so many beautiful forms since that day.

The way we view the world has a deep impact on how we experience it. If we interpret people’s actions as well-intentioned and kind, they will begin to believe it too. The love you give begins to grow in the hearts of others that they then pass on in their lives. Magic expands as we honor its goodness, acknowledge that it is truly there. Magic, like people themselves, just wants to be seen.

And when you catch a glimpse of magic’s shimmering flame, you need do nothing at all for it will come to you. And then you will hold the key to that Kingdom.

I promise.

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