Vacation Deprivation

Florida. White beaches. Rolling waves. The smell of sea salt tickling your nose.

It is a beautiful place, a warm haven for ‘snow birds’ who come down from the North for a winter reprieve.

Ironically, it is also one of the places where employees take the least vacation days. According to a recent TriNet survey, folks in Sarasota, Florida took an average of only 2.9 days of paid vacation annually, followed by workers in Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale, Arizona with 3.6 days of paid leave. All of these places are sunny. It makes me wonder if they are overworked or just feel no need to go anywhere because where they are already is just fine indeed.

But if that theory were true, then San Diego, California wouldn’t have an average of 10.9 vacation days taken. Perhaps it is the West Coast mentality that drives people to take more time off.

The value of vacation is indisputable. It is essential. It renews the soul. It regenerates the spirit. It is time we spend on our own well-being. As I always like to say, “A well-rested worker is a productive worker.”

If more employers were to realize the benefits of vacation, they might be a tad less stingy with their employees. And the word ‘time-off’ would no longer be whispered at the water cooler.

I’m headed to Florida for a nine-day respite myself. After life’s long winter, it is time for sun, sand, and rest.

Time invested in yourself is time well-spent. In fact, it may just be the best investment you could ever make.


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