Taking heart in a heartless world

The heart is a vast and beautiful place. We all have one. And sometimes we choose to dwell there. It is mystical. It is magical. It is the source of all life.

The moments we meet another heart-to-heart, we can feel it with every fiber of our being. Words are not needed. We can dance on the vibration of that connection. Suddenly everything seems to make sense, but not in intellectual terms. It is a deeper knowing of integrity and care. The world is filled with light and we are buoyed by its power. The heart carries us through the darkness, a beacon in a cold and heartless world.

Heart-centered living is not always an easy road. Temptations to bite down as hard as the world itself are real. A quick lash-out on the low road sometimes feels better than the high road. But it leads us in a downward spiral to the pits of existence, a hopeless corner of the Universe. And without hope we cannot lead with the heart that speaks in a solid whisper. Instead, we might drown out its calling in a cauldron of lack and wanting. We may get distracted, forgetting for a time that indeed the heart is the place from whence we came.

The paradox of the heart is its strength and its urging, a rhythm of music drawn from the sweetest sound. It cannot fail even in the face of self-centeredness. The higher the vibration, the farther we are from senseless, careless opposition to its magic. We wander a path that might seem empty or lonely. In those times we must remember that we are being carried by a force stronger than any of us. That is when we soar over mountains of misery to heal the hurting, including ourselves.

On days when I disregard love’s role, I am gently (and, yes, sometimes not so gently) reminded that the only way forward is through the heart. Love triumphs in the end. It is indeed impermeable like a fortress bold and brave. I take heart in knowing this is true.




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