Ways to Curb your TV diet

A recent joint study on the effects of TV viewing on young children by the Universities of Montreal and Michigan found that by fourth grade the children who had watched several hours of television a day at age 29 months experienced a 7% decrease in […]

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Oprah Asked Me

“What brings you joy?” Okay, so she asked a million others, too. Here’s what I wrote because I thought the topic was blog-worthy (and I’m also not sure anyone else will see it otherwise.) ­čÖé The biggest joy I experience in life is connection with […]

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Time Bandits

Yesterday I┬ámanaged thirteen extras during a film shoot on a moving train going 100 miles an hour. It wasn’t exactly a slow experience, except that making a movie, even if it’s only five minutes long, takes more time than you think. They shot the scene […]

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If You Think the IRS is Bad…

…think again. When it rains it pours is a saying that applies to most of life. Sometimes we’re on a high; other times we seem to be headed downhill. The roller coaster ride called life never ceases to provide us opportunity for learning and surprise. […]

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Wrangling without strangling

The power of slow says do things a little differently every now and then just to shake things up a bit and to liberate trapped energy that’s been caught in the rut of routine. So when my casting agency asked me to be an extras […]

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Patience is a virtue

What we see is sometimes not what is. Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson about letting go and acceptance. Waiting is not my favorite pastime. In fact, patience is a characteristic I have had to painstakingly acquire. The truth is I like action, but sometimes […]

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