Gadgetless Travels

The call came in just as I was leaving the parking lot. My casting agent asked if I might dash over to another TV show set to fill in for someone who didn’t show up. I had just wrapped up filming a TV drama. I […]

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Bringing Slow to your Workday

A New York publicist recently asked me how she might bring more ‘slow’ to her day.  With a busy firm and a client list the length of her arm, she is often overwhelmed by the rigors of her workday. As with other people I have […]

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The Gentle Gardener

Nature is balm for the soul. Whenever I feel stressed, I step outside my office and into my garden to dig around in the dirt for a few minutes. Studying the landscape, I inevitably regain a sense of balance and beauty about my surroundings. Internally, […]

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An idea for the birds!

When I was a kid, I made a bird feeder out of a Pepsi bottle. It didn’t last long, but the idea of feeding birds stayed with me. To this day, I buy suet balls and bags of seed to feed my aviary friends through […]

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Wet Socks and Ice Blocks

Living without petroleum products for a day was tiring, to say the least! The camera crew came to our house at exactly 9:30 am as promised. They set up a few shots ahead of time, filmed us having breakfast in our normal fashion, and took […]

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Cool the Earth through Trees

Slowing down not only refers to our pace of life, but also to the way in which we treat the Earth. Cool Earth is a charity that gives individuals and families a tangible way to join the fight against climate change by allowing them to personally […]

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