Taking the Slow Train

Nothing reveals more about human beings than physical discomfort. Trapped in an overcrowded train with no air conditioning as it stood still on the tracks for over an hour, I realized how quickly things can turn sour when things get a little uncomfortable. People shouted. […]

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The Value of Failure

If at first you do not succeed, try, try again. Let’s face it. Success is sweet. And we want it more than we want the smudgy, sweaty, stinky sensation of having given it our all only to flop altogether. But over the years, I have […]

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Naming the Year

A new start, a new year, a new opportunity to do things a little differently. Saying goodbye to 2013 was a blessing. It meant truly putting in the past what belongs there. In contrast, welcoming in a New Year is often as joyous as the […]

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Your Secret Place

The holiday season is meant to be a basket of joy, but I am getting the sense that many people are more on edge than usual. On those days when life gets out of hand, expectations mount and stress spills into your bloodstream, it is […]

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The Days of Silence

For the past few days I haven’t talked much. I can’t remember the last time I got to be this quiet. You see my kids are headed to the United States to visit their grandparents so I had most of the weekend to myself. I […]

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Living at the Pace of a Deep Breath

Summer invites Slow Living: the warmth, the cadence of the ocean waves, the sparkle of the water as you devour your favorite dish. It gives school children pause before entering the next grade; it gives adults an excuse to stand still for a moment. The […]

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The Power of Flow

Never underestimate the power of flow. It is a state of being that brings all kinds of amazing things to the surface. Flow is defined as the timeless space in our heads that we experience when distinctly engaged in whatever we are doing. Athletes call […]

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Meditation Mountain

Life works when I meditate. Life doesn’t when I don’t. Meditation is kind of a scary thing for a lot of people. But when you start a meditation practice, it frees your mind like nothing else. Meditation doesn’t have to be om-ing your way through […]

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21 Days to Slow

Rome wasn’t built in a day. I don’t think I really understood the meaning of that saying until very recently. Like, as in yesterday, when I came to realize how much I have pushed myself all my life. It’s cultural in part. Americans glorify pursuing […]

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