What the apple tree taught me

The garden is a mythological place. It’s the main stage for the beginning of humanity ~ in Biblical terms, that is. It is the showcase of Nature’s riches. And it is the place from which I have learned more about life than just about anywhere […]

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Nature’s Narrative

For the third time this winter, we’ve seen the sun. I exaggerate. For the second. It has been a Star Wars-like season ~ dark battling light. It appeared for a time that the darkness had won. But in the last few days, Nature has spoken […]

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Oprah Asked Me

“What brings you joy?” Okay, so she asked a million others, too. Here’s what I wrote because I thought the topic was blog-worthy (and I’m also not sure anyone else will see it otherwise.) 🙂 The biggest joy I experience in life is connection with […]

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Awaken the senses

The other day I was at my friend’s office when the book Vom natĂĽrlichen Umgang mit der Zeit by Friederun Pleterski and Renate Habinger caught my eye. The title translates as “How to Have a Natural Relationship with Time”. Astonished that someone else thought the way I do about time, […]

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The Gentle Gardener

Nature is balm for the soul. Whenever I feel stressed, I step outside my office and into my garden to dig around in the dirt for a few minutes. Studying the landscape, I inevitably regain a sense of balance and beauty about my surroundings. Internally, […]

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An idea for the birds!

When I was a kid, I made a bird feeder out of a Pepsi bottle. It didn’t last long, but the idea of feeding birds stayed with me. To this day, I buy suet balls and bags of seed to feed my aviary friends through […]

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