This is just the beginning

The night air stuck to my skin as I wandered the music festival grounds. Klaus and I had just met face to face for the first time after a brief Facebook exchange earlier that spring. I had recently come to Freiburg, shattered from an old […]

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Dwell in Possibility

Surmounting seemingly impossible tasks is an essential part of life. When I took my very first written exam at German university, I was scared out of my wits. All kinds of ‘what if’s’ floated through my head. ‘What if I can’t formulate my thoughts in […]

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Redefine Your Possible

Forbes magazine is not the publication I remember it to be. As I clicked around to various articles online recently, I was thoroughly impressed with how inspirational and well thought out some of the articles are. It’s not just a ┬ápublication for business, but also […]

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