Is Time your Darth Vader?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve rediscovered a certain fondness for 80’s music and childhood movies such as Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back. The sights and sounds of my childhood bring me back to a moment in time when I wasn’t saddled by […]

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The Gift of Time

So often we rush in a blur of activity, uncertain where our lives are taking us. It seems as though we are in reactive mode, being more the dealers than the designers of our days. Giving someone the gift of your time is tremendous. It […]

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Once upon a Null Meridian

Ask any transmeridian worker such as an airline pilot, and you’ll hear how important meridians are for coordinating air travel and the like. October 13th marks the 125th anniversary of the Greenwich Meridian that runs smack dab through the lens of London’s Observatory telescope in […]

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Time Flow

Having children gives you a new perspective on time and how we manage the things we do within the time we have. Just when you’re about to sit down with that well-deserved cup of tea, the phone rings. It’s the school secretary. Yup. Your kid […]

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Time Zone Dance

Nothing makes you more acutely aware of the relativity of time than jetlag. We returned from our three-week trip to the States in great spirits. Iberia Airlines had vastly overbooked our flight to Munich (via Madrid) so the airline clerk suggested we hop a direct flight to […]

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Awaken the senses

The other day I was at my friend’s office when the book Vom natürlichen Umgang mit der Zeit by Friederun Pleterski and Renate Habinger caught my eye. The title translates as “How to Have a Natural Relationship with Time”. Astonished that someone else thought the way I do about time, […]

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Good-bye, Walter

Change is all there is. And change is certainly in the air now. It seems in the last four weeks we have lost so many icons of our childhood. I don’t know about you, but the passing of these people has put my life into perspective. We are […]

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